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Client: Uber APAC Agency: R/GA Singapore Director: Le Cube 273 seconds of animation produced to generate 5,000 story and song combinations for the retrospective a "Year Of Uber" 2017. Bringing back its data viualization campaign #YearWithUber as a way of personalizing a thank you message to its users, the campaign by R\GA Singapore uses Uber user data to create a personalized story about how they traveled in the past year. This year the data is used to create a ‘one of a kind’ music video for each user, based off location personalization, as well as a combination of 5,000 story and song combinations. For each country, different cultural visual cues will be used, such as cricket in India and tuk-tuks in Thailand. Key statistics are presented, such as when you most traveled, how many miles you clocked up and how many cities were visited.