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Punk Rock Stars Com Greenhouse Effect Rick Carmody Blip tv What does it take for a band to garnish viewership success on the internet? "I think it takes will power" says Clark Hagins of Los Angeles California's Greenhouse Effect (G.e.) a top draw on the net with some of the world's biggest alternative rock "Emo" songs "Brandy", A White Black Thang, It Ain't Easy, 22nd Street, and 'The Magic Man'...... "We got great lyrics,...deep social matters,...and we ain't afraid to say and preach anything,..we are punk rock ethos all the way,..but we are a confused situation because there is a hell of alot of honest meat and potatoes 'metal' in us too,..we put it all together and we call it 'grunge' (Laughs).. Alot of people are offended at alot of my lyrics but they need to understand how tough a life i had,....'EVERYONE' hated me and disrespected me when i was growing up,..they all made fun of me and they constantly put me down,..i would just end up at home alone,..playin' my guitar and teaching myself music,..some of my words are like,..i donno,...uncontrolled 'revenge' or 'justice' or somethin' like that,....i don't want to hurt people's feelings or make them feel like shit,..but i 'must' ,..its hard to explain,..what society has put me through,...i just have to have my outlet,...its like therapy,...after i insult someone with song,..or after i insult or humiliate myself, still makes me feel a little better because it is 'release' and it sorta 'cleanses' me,...even though it 'IS' sinful and wrong,..i know,...but i still gotta say it,...and i 'still' gotta do this for some reason,...for better or for worse,..i 'must' get every ounce of art and passion out of my system and unfortunately,..people get in the way of my lyrical shrapnel ! Greenhouse Effect's psychedelic rock sound is one in a million as they boastfully look and sound like no other rock n roll band in history. "Yeah, we're total originals,..we ain't afraid to mix in some Partridge Family and the Cowsills if we have to!" Greenhouse Effect has been compared to everything from Led Zeppelin to the Stooges to the Monkees to the Moody Blues "We just have a very diverse sound" says Higgins "We will try anything,..nothing is off base or beyond our limits,..we're always changing and striving to be unique, unusual, and different... India, Pakistan, Japan, Sumatra, and China are all concrete homes to millions of G.e. downloads and plays and Higgins often fields emails in language he cannot read...."at the end they say something in English like "Rock on G.e."- thats what i like " says higgins The band began humbly 25 years ago in the "South Bay ' area of Redondo beach California,..."We played spectacular gigs in the early days where we would smash up our gear and take off our clothes,..we were total pranksters,...i wish i had more of those early gigs filmed by my brother,..i only have video of like maybe 5 of our gigs from way back then...and thats a damn shame,..because we were so amazing live; when we performed live ,..we were incredible; there was no better band than us in our community ; We were like the who or Led Zeppelin,..we were 'that' good,..we had this guitarist named Phil Keegan and he was incredible,...he 'made' our band,..he made me wanna be a star !! Rick Carmody from the South Bay's 'One handed Readers' got his start with G.e. Today, carmody is seen by millions as the 'hillarious red headed dude bassist in G.e." we were all delightful characters' says clark hagins Greenhouse effect sport influences from the clash to morrisey to the jesus and mary chain to def leppard !! like i said,..those were amasing time...the world is enjoying our music now and most of all,..they seem to love my life story,..i am very driven,..i always wanted to be the world's number one rock star,..i just feel like in 2008 and 2009 that i am,..people recognize me where ever i go,..they want me to work out and geet back in shape and rock again,...a kid asked me to autograph a hockey stick that he has autographed by wayne gretzky,..that meant alot to me" says higgins Hagins pulls few punches when describing his hatred for todays popular alternative music "it sucks he says,...all the bands now sound exactly the same,..they're fucking LAME" SAYS HIGGINS Greenhouse Effect songs at greenhouse effect music at greenhouse effect song at