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One shouldn't miss the best places to visit in Shimla! The majestic snow clad mountains, stunningly rich greenery and the beautiful lakes in the land of Shimla greet you to enjoy their timeless beauty. Certain places on earth do boast of places that equal or even surpass the beauty of Shimla. Here are the must-visit places from the city: 1. Annadale: Annandale is the playground of Shimla and is a raised ground which is located at about 2-4 kilometers away from the Ridge and it is a favorite mark for cricket, picnics, golf, and polo. From this high point, you can get the best views of the city and its surroundings. 2. Shimla State Museum: Opened in 1974, The State Museum contains sculptures, paintings, and exhibits about the art, archaeology and cultural anthropology of the Himachal Region and other states of India. The museum has about 9000 objects in the collection. 3. Jakhu Hill: Shimla Jaku hills are known to the highest of Shimla's mountain peaks. From here one can have a striking view of the beautiful hill resort of Shimla. This hill is the home to a very old temple known as the Jaku temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. 4. Mal and the Ridge Road: The Main Street and hub of shopping in Shimla is the Mall , like most of the hill stations. It has numerous restaurants, banks, clubs, play stations, shopping centers and many more. The offices of the Municipal Corporation, the fire service, and police department are on the Mall Road. The Himachal Emporium offers handicraft products of Himachal Pradesh, like pottery, jewelry, and woolens. 5. Tara Devi Temple: Located amidst picturesque environs on Shimla-Kalka Highway, Tara Devi Temple is a prominent place of religious importance.This religious edifice flaunts beautiful architecture and its quaint beauty mesmerizes onlookers at the very first glance. 6. Christ Church: Showing off a brilliant Neo-Gothic style of architecture, this church has attracted and continues to attract thousands of visitors every year. The nave and chancel of this church are exquisite. The floor is decorated with one central and two side aisles that are flanked with pews. 7. Summer Hill: Summer Hill is a picturesque spot on Shimla-Kalka railway line that offers amazing views of the snow-covered mountains. Located only a few kilometers away from Shimla, this lovely township offers quiet surroundings and scenic views of the nearby hills. 8. Kali Bari Temple: Kali Bari Temple is located in Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. One of the most renowned places of worship in Northern India, it was built way back in 1845. This holy shrine is dedicated to Goddess Shyamala, a fearless incarnation of Goddess Kali. 9. Chadwick Falls: Perched above 1550 m from sea level, this waterfall is surrounded by forests and mist-covered hills. This rain-fed cascade is visited and re-visited by numerous tourists from the state and beyond throughout the year, especially during monsoons. In addition to the natural beauty, this water body is also considered religious, owing to its proximity to many shrines. 10. Viceregal Lodge: The Rashtrapati Niwas, also known as Viceregal Lodge, is located on the Observatory Hills of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. It was formerly the residence of the British Viceroy of India. It houses some of the most ancient articles and photographs going back to the times of the British rule in India. Hope this video helps you. Book your stay anywhere in India at: