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I'm from South Africa, and we have bad propaganda and lots of malicious Twitter accounts making Twitter an unsafe place.

Are there any Twitter engineers that can fix Twitter's manual block list upload? It's been broken for months, at least when you upload a CSV with a large enough list.

We're using various techniques to spot 'Gupta' (accounts we believe are being sponsored by one of the families complicit in large-scale looting of our resources) Twitter accounts.

Some accounts are automated, we suspect being run from India (various mistakes by authors of tweets exposing their location), while some seem to be run by South Africans that are being paid by this family.

We've struggled to get Twitter Support to help us, with a friend of mine losing it a bit on the DM [].

We're training a TF model to detect these accounts, and we tweet their activity under #GuptabotKPC, but all of this doesn't help if users are unable to block these accounts.

Please help