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Moved across the country for a startup and had to put my desktop in the office (the only machine I own) since they don't give you a computer. I feel like I'm missing out since the other devs take their shiny MacBook pros and sit around a table and work (and chat) while I'm tucked away in an obscure corner. Also, driving to the office everytime time something breaks on a holiday could be a major inconvenience. Still gonna keep my desktop in the office so looking for a cheap laptop. I work on python Django so as long as it can run PyCharm and slack and a few chrome tabs, I should be fine (no need to run VMs or anything fancy). I live in India so my options are somewhat limited since many models are either unavailable or simply more expensive than in the US. These are the models I narrowed down on to:

1. Refurbished Lenovo T420. 2nd gen i5, 16 gigs of RAM. Really cheap for 250$. Just concerned since the cpu is old

2. [A cheap 6th gen core i3 laptop]( Brand new. 450$. At least the battery would last a couple of hours and since it's new it might not break down for another 2 years.

3. A MacBook air. 1000USD. Pretty expensive for me. But willing to Shell out the money if it is absolutely worth it. Concerned about learning the weird shortcuts (and force forgetting them when working on my desktop). It's 'nix but it's really not Linux. I've heard that getting some libraries to work on Mac is a pain - if at all possible. Still worth it? Battery life would be liberating but not sure if it is relevant for me

Thanks in advance.

PS: My desktop has an SSD so I am planning to take it out and put it on the laptop I end up buying.