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In this series, CrossFit trainer and filmmaker Amit Tripuraneni travels around six major Asian cities, sampling the cuisine, learning about the culture and exploring the local CrossFit scene. In Episode 5, Tripuraneni travels to the “tech city” of Hyderabad, India, where CrossFit is new and fitness is far from a priority in the city of 7 million. Rishikesh Kumar is a local CrossFit affiliate owner who believes that in order to start a fitness movement here, “Someone has to take that first step.” Kumar has done exactly that: His affiliate, X60 CrossFit, is the first and only box in Hyderabad. Its tagline: “Get stronger every day.” To Kumar, CrossFit is about community, functional fitness and “showing some serious results.” The majority of those at X60 CrossFit are 20-35, with females comprising 60 percent of the membership. Up to 80 percent of the people who walk through the door at X60 CrossFit are doing CrossFit for the first time. In a nation where “diet is not that healthy,” Kumar tries to create a link between nutrition and training. He focuses on helping his members learn how to avoid local staples such as rice and chapati, add lean protein, decrease their sugar intake and discover portion control. With the help of passionate locals like Kumar, India’s nascent fitness scene will continue to grow. “Let’s celebrate fitness,” Kumar grins. The CrossFit Journal -- ( The CrossFit Games® - The Sport of Fitness™ The Fittest On Earth™