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Learn through this video what is ” commotio cordis”, a sudden cardiac death (SCD) episode during an athletic event most likely occurring from a striking projectile object like a baseball, hockey puck/ cricket ball, resulting into a cardiovascular collapse from a lethal arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation, how do you recognize it, what’s the immediate treatment, what tests to offer after the person recovers from the SCD episode, Dr. Sharad Jaitly further explains in the video. is the crown jewel of MuniMeter, LLC. is the entire NYC Subway System on film, and more. A major city has never been filmed before in such high capacity and volume, in 1920x1080 HD, by one person - and all handmade. It will never be replicated and it will never be done again. Explore NYC as never before on and join the comMUNIty. Dr. Sharad C. Jaitly MD., FACC: Dr. Jaitly is a renowned health educator and entrepreneur. He is Chief Medical Officer and Chief Digital Lecturer of (MMH). MMH is a free online video library for individuals from all around the world to learn about a wide spectrum of subjects surrounding cardiology and the human heart. Currently the library consists of several hundred videos in English, but also a few in Hindi. Dr. Jaitly was born in Calcutta and raised in Nagpur, India. He is a graduate from Government Medical College Nagpur, and has received extensive training in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai (NY) and a specialty in Cardiovascular Diseases at Cornell Medical Center (NY). Dr. Jaitly is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, Nuclear Cardiology, and Advanced Echocardiography. He is an avid swimmer and loves nature. Muni S. Jaitly: Mr. Jaitly is CEO & Founder of MuniMeter, LLC - a next generation digital content production company and community. The core of MuniMeter, LLC is, which is the entire NYC Subway System on film - a COMPLETE video encyclopedia for transit riders and the businesses surrounding the subway stations. The future is here. (November 2018) DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call your doctor immediately and/or and ambulance and/or rush to the nearest hospital. MuniMeterHealth videos should not be used for medical advice. These videos are exclusively available for medical education purposes only. Consult directly with your own doctor for all clinical advice and care. MuniMeterHealth videos were made in good faith and were published during the month and year in parentheses listed directly above the disclaimer. Please be aware that research and knowledge of the human body may have changed since the published date. The content produced is not an authoritative source for address, geographic, medical, or other information. MuniMeter, LLC and MuniMeterHealth do not guarantee authenticity. MuniMeter, LLC is not liable for any behavior triggered by this content. Rather, our comprehensive video platform should be used to simply better understand the human heart, how it functions, and how to keep it healthy. We are doing our very best for you. Live a healthy life and live long! 275 What Is "Commotio Cordis"? Copyright © 2018 MuniMeter, LLC