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The list of plans we make before we decide on which place to go. Depends on so many variables like if it's solo it's just you who take the decision on the place you would go to. But with friends there's always an option to be added to that list of places everyone would go to. So we were all excited after entering December 2016 that we need to celebrate this New Year somewhere to make it memorable. So we had a list as I said earlier with Hampi, Chikmagalur and Ooty at the top of it. Always when a plan is in progress it gets more contributors than the actual people to turn out on the last day. An Innova with a lot of people to come to our still to be decided location was transformed to 2 bikes and 4 friends including me on Dec 25. We started searching for Homestays, Hotels and almost everything was booked for the New Year so we had 3 locations and needed 1 place to just take us in. We started AirBNBing where we booked a place which was cancelled by the host in Chikmagalur and later we found this homestay in a society in Ooty near the Ooty Lake. Which had some awesome pictures and the Ooty lake gave us the call that this is our place to be on this new year. We booked it and were confirmed so yeah we were heading to Ooty for a chilly awesome New Year 2017. :) I have also vlogged the road trip on Youtube so don't forget to check the video i have added below the story. In 2016 we already have seen most of our holidays on weekends and we were ending this year with a weekend as well. Not a daily riser with the sun but when it comes to a trip I would be the first one to wake everyone up. So on 31st Dec 2016 at 6:30 in the morning I woke up to be the alarm to wake the others. We started our journey early to get some time to explore Ooty in the evening. We planned to have breakfast once we are 50kms plus from Bengaluru. Ooty is 280 kms from Bengaluru so we will be riding for 6 hours approx excluding the breaks for breakfast and lunch. Bengaluru is always full of traffic be it in the morning or any part of the day. So crossing the city is the only tough part. But you can always take the NICE road which we took to save some time and also cross the speed limit on our bikes. This road is a good stretch connecting the two famous cities Bengaluru and Mysore of Karnataka State. It has 4-6 lanes but it's better to keep control while speeding. It was a cold morning so we were already packed in our jackets and gloves to save us from the cold wind. Ramgad - Shooting of Sholay After travelling a distance we were in Ramgad most of you would know the place as the shooting of Sholay was done here. But it is also famous for trekking and rock climbing. We were riding in the busy town but if you plan to go to the mountains you can take an auto to Ramadevar beta. But yeah it's a daytime trip as you won't get any accommodation there so plan your return on the same day. Breakfast - Dosas and Parathas After Ramgad we stopped at this family restaurant to have some breakfast to boost our energy for the ride ahead. We had some dosas and parathas there and started again. We crossed many towns in Karnataka before reaching Mysore which is approx 160 kms from Bengaluru. It’s totally different when you are riding in the town as these roads are not much known to you and it's not that a great idea to speed for the mishaps that may happen here. So we rode patiently with the traffic there like the locals would. Feels good to be a local everywhere you get to know more about the culture and trends people of that area follow not on a bike but if you are staying there for sometime :). Mysore - Cleanest City in India After sometime we were in Mysore the city which got the title this year of the Cleanest city in India. When there you should definitely visit the Mysore Palace even I have not been there but yeah soon. Before reaching there we rested and chit chatted with friends which never ends if you miss a turn on the maps. After reaching the city we thought to eat our lunch their so we searched online if any interesting places we can eat at. We found this restaurant called Gufha with multi cuisines and the restaurant is themed like a cave as the name goes. We reached there at 12:40 but they were closed till then and would open late so we thought to find some place nearby to eat and start again. We then went to the Purohit Restaurant near Gufha to eat some Rajasthani Thali which was awesome not just my feedback as they have some good reviews online. Bandipur Tiger Reserve & Madumalai Tiger Reserve Before Ooty you have to cross 2 Tiger Reserves with wild roads you will just fall in love with but you cannot imagine being trapped in these roads at night. As officially too these roads are not accessible from 6PM to 6AM. But yeah it’s not 2 Tiger Reserves its just one with two names in 2 states. When you are in the Karnataka part of it people call it Bandipur Tiger Reserve and when you are welcomed in Tamil Nadu it is called the Madumalai Tiger Reserve. We counted the number of speed breakers which accounted to 70 approx which was a real pain as you were slowing your bike and crossing and another one right after that. I hope these breakers were added to reduce the noise of vehicles racing in the reserve to not disturb the animals there. Inside the reserve you are not allowed to stop, photograph and picnic. But yeah I wonder if a tiger shows up and we have so many breakers to jump how would the escape be. If you wish to explore more into the reserve you can take the Elephant Safari which is a major attraction there. And also drivers who can take you in as we saw boards all around the roads. Ooty - 36 Hairpin Bends to the Top Hill Road As you cross the Reserve you will start getting the chilly climate as the temperature jumps down. After some distance you see the board saying 36/36 hairpin bends and Ooty is approx 18 kms from there. Just stay alert while taking these bends as many vehicles just appear from nowhere. With every bend you get a beautiful view of the path you left behind and just go up. My hands were all cold as they were out carrying the camera taking videos. We didn't stop in between instead we just rode up to directly reach our Homestay. We were in Ooty and seeing the 1/36 board cheered us up more that we were finally in the town. Welcome - Coldest Wind Welcomed Us to Ooty It's not something I can describe in words as some places have a different feel which you get only if you were there. Ride in the town was awesome kids playing football in the grounds, the beautiful houses in the valley, not much traffic at that moment only some cars accompanied us as the coldest wind welcomed us to Ooty. Reaching our Homestay - Near Ooty Lake We called our homestay owner to guide us on how can we reach there. We rode around the Ooty lake and went to the top seeing people boating in the lake, horse riding and playing in an adventure park nearby. Our homestay was located in a beautiful society with houses you would dream to the live in. The owner gave us the keys and vanished :D as there were no rules which he wanted us to follow. Tired - But it's New Year We were tired a bit but it was New year’s Eve we won't be spending it sleeping. So we took our bikes out to grab some snacks and stuff for a small party for the 4 of us at midnight to welcome the next year. Cops - Caught Us No Documents In Ooty you must not forget your license and bike documents in your room as we didn’t do the same and had to go back to our room to bring back the documents on one of the bikes till 2 of our friends waited in the cold. This was when we faced the bad traffic which reminded us of Bengaluru. It took us more time to go back and return to the checkpost. The temperature was down and we put on some more clothes to save us from cold. We collected what we needed from the market and then went back to the room. Hyderabad Biryani House - Jumbo Biryani Looks Giant After chilling at our homestay we went to this famous Hyderabad Biryani House for dinner. Its famous for its Jumbo Biryani which comes in a different vessel which looks giant and can serve for 5 people easily. We tried the Biryani not the Jumbo but a regular portion which was really great. You must also try their Brownie and after that Mitha(Sweet) Paan :P. It was 8 degrees there so we returned back to our room. Happy New Year - Fireworks and Surprise We chatted, laughed and danced on some tunes. So many stories that life gives us and we had one to share with everyone now the journey to Ooty. And a funny story happened as we had 2 doors to lock and the inside doors knob was stuck with the outside door so we were not able to open it. First we were chill as let it be as the owner will help us out opening it from outside. But we wanted to be out for the New Year so one of our friends crawled through the window to open it from outside. But it was almost a fail we weren’t able to open it. After giving up we heard the sound of fireworks when I tried to open the door pressing it harder and it suddenly opened. We went out to see the fireworks and were laughing that how did that happen. We tried so badly earlier and nothing and just before the New Year it worked. May be a hint to a great New Year ahead. Have a great New Year Guys. And complete your New Year Resolutions this time.