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Animatic: The story deals with a child's helplessness who wanders the street of Aleppo,He either waits for his death by bombs, or is forced to join a terrorist group. He stumbles into a former Olympian who still lives in the city. The Olympian had lost his family to the war, but offer sanctuary, and pass on a skill that the child picks up quickly, and aspires to perhaps one day that he too could get out of the city and see the world. It is naive to think that in this world. But through the greatest sacrifices there might actually be a chance. Inspired by the events that had, and is still happening in Syria. I still remember that little boy sitting in that chair. Somehow I feel like we have become numb to it. I had taken inspiration loosely based off two wrestlers, one is Joseph Atiyeh a Syrian born Olympic wrestler from 1984 Olympics, the other was Mohammad Za'atari, a wrestler turned refugee who helps train children in the refugee camps. I am a Olympic wrestling fan, watching Jordan Burroughs, and Iran's Hassan Yazdan. The two Bollywood movies "Sultan", and "Danjal" showed me that wrestling is quite a universal sport especially that close to Russia, Mongolia, India and the middle east. The white helmets documentary had definitely opened me up to doing something humanitarian. *This is not a commentary about religion or politics, and I do not have the answers to ending what is going on over there. I wanted to tell a story through the lens of a father figure, and a child. That even in dire straits there may be miracles. soundtrack: Zamilska – Duel 35 (ruiner) Khalil Ghadri دموع سورية Placebo - running up that hill instrumen Atouna El Toufouli for syriah