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I have just been contacted by a Google recruiter for a position in the generic software engineering track of Google Zurich offices. At my current company I am a manager with a strong technical background. I am covering a role that is something in between a product manager and a technical architect. I still contribute code but only on the most challenging parts of the applications and mostly to kick-off and train the team on things they are less knowledgeable about. My resume is very clear about this and I made it clear even during the interview. The position in Google is for an individual contributor and when I told the recruiter that I would be willing to go back to an individual contributor role only in the case of something that was "outstanding" and that would allow me to grow and learn new things the recruiter probably interpreted this as a way of cutting short the interview. The interview ended two minutes later. I am in conflict because Google is Google and because probably the salary would have been between 2/3 times what I am earning now. At the same time I believe that going back to a mere role of "anonymous" individual contributor would have been a great step back. Did I do the right thing in your opinion? Please only constructive and honest feedback. P.S: I am 40-something.