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Hey folks!

Long time listener, first-time caller.

For the last month or so I've been meaning to start yet another project of building a scrappy startup and seeing where it takes me.

About two weeks ago, I came across Pieter Level's concept of 'open' metrics and got inspired.

Yesterday, I went live for Day 1 with a Twitch & YouTube stream to share every step of my journey over the next 7 days of building and launching my project, an eCommerce service business for providing professional & short 'store reviews'.

In fact, I'll be live when this post goes up >

Thanks to feedback from folks on Reddit and Indie Hackers, I've created a 'Day 1' recap video which can be viewed here (I'll be doing one each morning):

The highlight of today's stream has been the incredible Julian Shapiro stopping by (I'm a major fan-boy, I got a lil flustered)!

I'll be sharing absolutely everything, live, via screen capture, including (but not limited to):

- Developing the marketing strategy

- Designing the landing pages, the copy, branding etc.

- Setting everything up and building it all

The Goal: Hit $2,000 of revenue within the next 3 weeks.

* By sharing this journey, I hope to achieve the following:

* To make the process a little less lonely

* To help keep me focussed and on-track

* To get feedback from smart folks as I go

* To help others learn from what I know

* To help newcomers realise they can do it, too!

You can find out more info on the website I put together on Monday, and follow the links below to see the stream, live in action!

Feel free to pop by and say hello :)

P.S. this isn't part of some big plan to sell a course or eBook at the end, just a chance for me to share with others and learn from others. I'm hoping this post doesn't come across as too 'self-promotion-y'!

Website with more info: