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Ethos Watch Boutiques is India’s largest luxury and most trusted watch retailer which is highly indulged in provide branded and luxurious for its high-end customers. Here you can find Original Rolex watches of different ranges and varieties. Rolex being the world’s most powerful watch brand company is the single largest luxury watch brand. It comes with efficient technology and best in class feature for its high end consumers. Here are 5 top Rolex watches coming down your screen. Have a look at that. 1. Rolex Yacht Master (116655): It’s a sport watch made by Rolex highly designed with array of technology and mechanic. One can easily find in 18-carat yellow gold stainless steel style. It is also made for ladies to enhance their style quotient and upgrade standard of life. 2. Rolex Yacht Master (116233): Best in one of its kind, this watch is compiled with all the attributes that one needs in order to make a great deal in making life run smoothly. Its unique feature and best in class feature makes stand apart from all of its ranges. 3. Rolex Lady Just Date (178271): Specially made for ladies, this Rolex watch comes with automatic movement in Gold/steel case material. One can’t resist buying this highly magnificent watch category. It also comes in varies ranges in colors and varieties. Don’t miss the opportunity to make it live in your life. 4. Rolex Air- King (116900): This watch, often considered to be as an entry-level Rolex watch, had its own following and a long history in the Rolex collection. The Air-King model name was the last one of many ‘Air’-models (Air Lion, Air Tiger and Air Giant in the 1930’s and 1940’s) and introduced in 1945. The Rolex Air-King reference that is perhaps best known is the 5500, which was in production for a long time. 5. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (116515LN): The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, introduced in 1963, was designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers. It allows drivers to perfectly measure average speeds up to 400 kilometres or miles per hour, as they choose. An icon eternally joined in name and function to the high performance world of motor sport. Get your favorite watch brand of Rolex in top 5 lists. They are all available online as well as at the outlet of Ethos Watch Boutiques. Don’t miss the opportunity to avail these luxurious and premium watches.