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‘eyecan’ is a voluntary project plan to initiate the purpose of helping the visually impaired with Art. The project is titled after the unique product research especially crafted to enable the visually impaired to recognize basic colours with the help of braille caps attached to crayons and a drawing board with mesh net as the base so that when the students use the crayons on paper, they can feel the texture of what they are colouring. The starting point of the project was the realization that unlike many other countries, there is no such subject as ‘Art’ in the blind schools in India. The visually impaired students are taught everything from language to social studies to science, maths and music and Yoga. On a less busy day you’ll find them playing cricket and ball for hours on end, even skating. So for a mind with an artistic bend a natural question arises ‘why not art?’. Concluding the fact ‘Art’ in terms of drawing, painting, sculpting & mix-media craft tend to generate & mobilize the sense of surrounding objects & subjects enabling the visually impaired to face day to day life by tactile mobility. Ref. a research by ART EDUCATION FOR THE BLIND, INC. (AEB), NEW YORK. “Our fundamental belief is that people who are blind or visually impaired must have access to the world’s visual culture and Art, if they are to participate fully in their communities and in the world at large, that it improves the quality of their lives, and helps them gain skills crucial to their education and employment opportunities”. For further research I went to Japan to hold a collaborative exhibition with the Chiba Prefecture Blind School, Tokyo. The exhibition was held with the support of GEOC (Global Environment Outstretch Centre) in the Tokyo UN building where I came across different aspects & possibilities to teach Art in a blind school.