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Context for images shown: 1:48-1:57-French and German Armies in the two world wars: The aftermath of the first world war gave France a measure of revenge. The conclusion of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, the victorious Prussians declared the new nation of Germany in Versailles, France. When France was on the winning side of World War 1, they made Germany sign a treaty in Versailles pinning most of the blame of the war on them. The treaty’s harsh financial reparations, territorial concessions, and forced demilitarization of the Germans, sparked the flame of indignation that would allow the Nazi’s to take power in 1933. When 1940 rolled around, German troops marched into Paris, and installed a puppet government in France. 1:57- Soviet troops marched into Germany after successfully pushing the Germans out of the Soviet Union. Germanys many war crimes during their attack on the USSR was reciprocated back to German civilians when the Soviets arrived in Germany. 2:12-Algerians protesting French occupation. French occupation of Algeria was particularly repressive and unethical. When Algerians rose up for their independence in 1954, it was marked by brutality on both sides. 2:18-Indian troops during the Sino-Indian war. This conflict was fought over disputed borders between China and India. 2:24-Nat Turner was a slave turned rebel in 1831. Feeling indignant over the naturally inhumane nature of slavery, Turner gathered up other disgruntled and desperate slaves and lead an armed revolt against the slave masters of Virginia. Turners rebellion was notable for the brutalization of the slave masters and their families by Turners rebels. 2:31-2:35-This is an illustration of the Spanish Reconquista. This conflict saw the Christian kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula push back and retake Spain in the 1400’s, after centuries of Arabic occupation. The victory for the Christian kingdoms were followed by forced conversions and expulsions of Muslims and Jews, this may have been retribution for Christians and native Iberians essentially being second class citizens under Arabic occupation. 3:36-When Germany lost the second world war, France was one of Germanys occupying powers, making up part of the west side of the nation, hence, French troops had marched into Germany. Portrayals of medieval Mongolian armys are taken from the “Hojo No Tokimune” and “Marco Polo” series. Videos Deleted from YT over Copyright claims Artist of my YT pfp: Follow me on twitter: Find me on Myanimelist: Anilist: My Discord channel: Music (in order of appearance): Colonel Bagshot-Six Days War Gustav Mahler-Symphony Number 1 Al Piantidosi-I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier Chuki Beats-Chill Guitar Old School Hip Hop Instrumentals Rap Beat 2015 WITH HOOK Chuki Beats-2018 Til Ungdommen-Nordahl Grieg