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INTERNATIONAL ANCHORING TRAINING Anyone From Anywhere In The World Can Join. Be A World Class Speaker & Easily Charm & Fascinate, Captivate & Mesmerise, To Cast An Abracadabra Spell On Your Audiences. International Certificate Course By Les Connoisseurs Academy For Advanced Learning. *WHAT WE TEACH:* Corporate Communication Public Speaking Presentation Skills TED Talk Hosting Wedding Emcee Host Confidence Building Stage Fright Removal Memory Techniques Speech Fluency Advanced Vocabulary Voice & Accent Politically Correct English Flawless Pronunciation *KNOW YOUR TRAINER:* *MC DESMOND OLIVEIRA* Is An International Celebrity Anchor, A Public Figure, A Corporate Trainer, A Keynote Presenter, Singer, Voice Over Artist, Team Builder And The List Is Endless. *LISTEN TO YOUR MASTER TRAINER'S VOICE:*!ApHAuT5749TNi1dbq9WwGeVv4NNg *WATCH YOUR MASTER TRAINER PRESENTING:* MC Desmond Oliveira Announcing MISS GOA 2019. *YOUR TRAINER'S OWN LUXURY DESTINATION WEDDING PLANNING COMPANY:* *MC DESMOND OLIVEIRA HAS HOSTED:* MISS INDIA Summer Tulip Twice MISS INDIA Indegenous MISS GOA Thrice GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS Thrice THE BELLAMY BROTHERS USA INDIA BEACH FASHION WEEK 3 Seasons INDIA INTERNATIONAL DANCE CONGRESS GOA INTERNATIONAL LATIN FESTIVAL 7 Times WOA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK ESTHETICA GLAM FASHION SHOW GLITTERATI FASHION SHOW MADAME SOLDIER CELEBRITY AWARDS GOAN FOODIE AWARDS INDIAN CULINARY & HOSPITALITY AWARDS SPORTS COMMENTATOR FOR INDIA Football & Hockey For 7 Years Hosted Thousands Of Corporate Events, Sangeet & Wedding Parties, Hen & Bachelor Parties, Team Building & The List Has Been Going On Since 26 Years.