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So I ranted on Indiehackers yesterday about my experiences as a freelancer (rant below) and got an amazing response and see there may be a business opportunity here. Read the rant below and if interested, would love to have you sign up for a alpha product currently in development either as a freelancer or company/hirer of freelancers (Link at bottom of post). Just let me know what you think!


Hello Guys! I am currently building a freelance/contract worksite that eliminates all the problems I have with sites like Upwork. Fivver, and other sites as a freelancer myself.

I do not have time to go through millions of job posts and write customized cover letters for each job I end up applying to only to get contacted back on 1/30 jobs I apply to.

I do not want to have to apply to jobs that end up never getting filled by anyone so I wasted my connects but more importantly, my time.

I want work to find me instead of having to find work and although Fivver does this in some shape or form, I would prefer to just get hired right on the spot at the rate specified instead of getting haggled down

I want more long term work instead of one-off projects. Now that I have gone through the works of it, many of my work is now long term clients that keep me on as retained and then those clients refer others to me. I wish I had this when I first started years and years ago!

I am beta testing something that solves all of this and was wondering if any freelancers would be interested in beta testing it out when set?

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